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RTFM extended

As you know RTFM stands for Read the Fucking Manual. Today, I would like to introduce you to RTWFM which stands for Read the Whole Fucking Manual.

A lot of times when I thing something should work but doesn’t, I use google to find the answer. But google as a middle-man tells me to talk to stackoverflow folks. I go to them. They have answers, lots of them. Unfortunately (or not) sometimes none of the answers available help me solve the problem. That is when I follow RTFM command.

I’m working on a Django project and got stuck when tried to get url reverse to work on templates. All searches on google pointed to this page. I read it! At least I thought so. After 2 evenings spent googling and changing code I decided to look into the source of django. I got illuminated. It looks like when I use url namespaces I have to put a colon between the app and the view like app:index.

I got so frustrated and angry that I went to the page where I had spent so many time reading and searched for a colon (:). That was the time where I as put on my place again, a very humble little place. I couldn’t believed I had missed this section.

This is a warning to Read the Whole Fucking Manual because sometimes you miss important things that can easily spare you time and frustration.